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The Jhalak Prize is not only a literary prize but a strategic intervention and a pressure group with a clear aim of motivating the publishing industry to take action on issues of representation, diversity and equity. As part of this goal and strategy, the Prize seeks not only to encourage the publishing industry to do better, but to get books by writers of colour to as many readers as possible. To achieve this, the Prize works with publishers, agents, writers, booksellers, advocacy groups, literacy organisations and community and school libraries. 

Rationale for our Books to Readers programme: 

The Jhalak Books to Readers programme aims to boost sales for writers of colour, making a commercial case for publishing diversely. Partnering with independent bookshops ensures that sales are made at a reasonable retail price, benefitting the full chain of actors involved including publisher, agent, writer etc as well as moving resources into communities served by these local retailers. Moreover, the sales – unlike through some specialised programmes – are recognised by NielsensBookscan, again helping the commercial case for publishing diverse books. Finally, the books reach readers who may be otherwise denied access to diverse books, either by their location or by socio-economic factors impacting their communities. 

The Jhalak Book to Readers programme was soft-launched in June 2020 with a low resource, high impact, multi-pronged strategy that aimed to: 
•    Maximise visibility of books by British writers of colour in bookshops and online.
•    Boost sales of a wide range of books by writers of colour, starting with the Jhalak Prize longlists and expanding to our curated recommendations by guest writers of colour at our new blog, Books We Love.
•    Get books by writers of colour to as many readers as possible.

We are particularly delighted to partner with the ground breaking Round Table Books who have curated a special list of books for our first give-away.  

About Round Table Books:
Round Table Books  is a bookshop in Brixton that is dedicated to the representation of diverse characters in children's books. The shop sells books for ages 0-18, and also has a carefully curated section of adult books, meaning that adults can also browse while the kids are deciding which books to buy. 

If you would like to support purchase of books for our Books to Readers programme, please email us at

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