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How do I enter?

Please email for details of where to send copies of your book. More information about this year’s prize can be found on our Terms & Conditions

Is this prize racist? How would you feel about a prize for only white authors?

No. Ultimately, we have chosen to put our time and money and resources into this prize, highlighting this inequality, redressing this particular imbalance, confronting this lack of representation. This prize is about celebrating marginalised writers, not excluding overrepresented ones. If you feel you want to put together a prize for only white writers, put your time money and resources into setting one up and we’ll let the chips fall where they may.

What exactly is a writer of colour? How do I know if I/my author is one?

Person of colour is a term used to describe any person who is not white. The term encompasses all non-white groups, emphasising common experiences of racism. It typically refers to individuals of non-Caucasian heritage.

I am a self-published author. Can I enter?

Of course. Look out for submission guidelines later on in the year.

My author is a writer of colour but they don’t live in the UK. Can they still enter?

No. This country has a bad track record of nurturing homegrown talent. This prize is for British citizens or British residents. We’re hoping to highlight the need for more British writers of colour to be published in this country.

My book is digital only. Does that matter?

No. Our judges will be accepting submissions both digitally and physically.

How many submissions can we enter?

There is no limit on how many submissions a publisher can make as long as all submitted books meet the criteria.

If you have any further questions about the prize, please contact the Prize at

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